Friday, December 15, 2017


I am so proud of this little sissy here. I have been feminizing him for years now, he is now just waking up to HER true calling. Jerking off to BBC everyday, looking for cock on CL and most recently sucking off another fag at the of a woman. Doesn't her little clitty fit perfectly in those panties? Lol

Monday, July 31, 2017


Omg gross! Look how small his little cock is. It just fits perfectly into those panty lol. Should this even be considered a cock? No, it should not. I will just call it a little clitty. This little clitty bitch is so pathetic and desperate. I am going to to rape his wallet and his dignity. What a little clitty bitch lol fuckin loser. Have fun fucking your couch if your clitty ever gets the chance to get out of chastity and sucking cock the rest of your pathetic life you piece of shit.

Love Bri

Friday, July 14, 2017


A pig will deny from the very start that they are a pig or a loser. They seem to have some sort of delusions of grandeur. That somehow they are good guys, that they are normal. Lol, normal what does that mean anyway? The loser who appears to be the nice guy, is really a total pathetic insecure loser. This is because they know that they are pathetic and cant get any women. When these losers are being nice to women, they are doing it in the hopes of having the pleasure to be between that woman's legs, of course they could always hope that she will let them fuck them, but i am sure they know better after being shot down time after time in their lifetime by the women they have come in contact with. They know they have to pay to get a women's attention. They must pay the price and they must obey her at all times. They don't matter anymore, it is about HER needs. The only women that will love them for who they are is their mom. Even their moms know that they are pathetic and will be treated like shit by females, so they do their best to comfort them as a child cause they know they will be useless men when grow up or just be an abused bitch lol.  I am sure that you have been watching porn so long that you have an addiction. Probably cant even cum form vanilla porn. You need the next level. Now your fantasizing about doing things that you never thought you would. You need to be degraded and humiliated like you have all your life. I don't know what is more pathetic, that you are such a fucking loser or that you got a hard on reading this lol.So, here you are still reading this far into my blog, you are probably hard. Getting addicted...excited for the new possibilities of finally finding an owner who understands you and is going to treat you how you should be treated. Like a piece of shit and someone to use.

Friday, June 16, 2017


This is my new subbie. He wants to be a good girl for Me. A collar always helps you remember your place. And a good pathetic subbie picture is a reminder of the "bitch" that you have become. I have no respect for a loser like this, so that is why his ass is on here, to be humiliated. As he should be. More updates in the future on this piece of shit loser.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


I just want everyone to know that this loser right here is honestly pretty pathetic. As you can see, he is already a natural weak bitch. Does not get any pussy, not by choice but because as a man, he repels women. Men who are natural born beta losers always have to resort to kissing female ass, being girly , start jerking off to bi porn  cause they jerked off so much already and eventually end up sucking cock cause thats what they were meant to do lol.  I am looking for sissys

Thursday, March 2, 2017


So, just had a session with one of my little sissy fags who likes to drink and dress up as a bitch. In hopes of finding a cock to suck thru craigslist. Unsuccessful the other night he ended up fucking and sucking a big black dildo for Me.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


This is what happens when you suppress your inner feelings of being  a submissive bitch and try to pretend to be a man for your family and wife. When a women like Me comes along and can see right thru you, and knows how to treat you like the submissive piece of shit you are,you want to give this person everything they want in the world. Bob, was going thru some financial difficulties due to paying off credit cards from years ago when he went on a sissy pig spending spree and racked up his debt. You can scroll thru my blog and try to find my post about him. He then came back to Me begging to serve Me again. but he knows damn well that i don't have time for broke piggies. It wasn't even my idea to cash some of his 401k, he just brought it up and i went along with it. After all, i don't force anyone to do anything they don't want :)  They just want to do it for Me, thats just is how its been my whole life. Don't laugh, this could be you next.