Friday, November 30, 2012



He just email Me today complaining how he has gained weight.Well...stop being a fat ass and sitting at home. Maybe if you lose some weight you wont be such a disgusting loser - NOT! hahaha

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I ended seeing My UPS BBC the other day. He was delivering some packages for Me that tiny kike dickless loser tom bought for Me. The temptation is too great for Me. I love big black cocks and i always will. I'm a whore for them really, imagine that haha. Anyways He came by to deliver some packages and i invited Him in. He could only stay for a few minutes because He was working. He came in and lifted up my shirt and started to suck on My nipples. Than he told Me to take off My clothes and bend over My desk. I could feel Him rubbing His dick on My ass and I got so fucking wet He didn't even have to do anything. He just started pounding Me. OMG it was so good. Than He told Me to go to the bedroom and i laid down and He started to fuck Me even harder. He pulled His phone out and started to film Me.He really likes to fuck Me bare so He came really quick...inside of Me, but i dont care cause He's so sexy. All i needed was a loser fuck boy there to clean up.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


If you have not been following my blog you better start now, anyway i have been controlling and spending this losers money for a couple weeks now. "he" has not had sex since 1994 because he has problems with getting his penis hard. He is so embarrassed by it, and all i can do is laugh.

Princess asked me to take a picture of my erect dick, so i could show Her how small and puny it really is.  Under Her instructions, i took a Viagra pill and then asked permission to look at NF ads, because i needed the stimulation.  She told me no, that i can either look at Her pictures or troll the internet for transexual (TS) ads.  So i went online and found the local TS ads.  It's amazing how many TSs have 8-10" cocks.  Princess told me that they were more of a Man than i was.  i kept rubbing myself but couldn't get hard.  i took another pill and rubbed some more.  Unfortunately, although i was able to get semi-hard i couldn't hold it up long enough to get a picture.

Princess immediately began to berate me.  She's never seen a loser so pathetic that he couldn't even get an erection.  She calls my dick a pussy.  And She calls me Her pussy girl loser.  i was so ashamed i wanted to leave but She wouldn't let me.  She wanted me to stay and endure the humiliation.  She ordered me to sent Her a tribute and buy Her gifts.  Then She ordered me to write this blog.  To humiliate me more.


i am very proud of Princess Briana.  She has gone through a lot to get where She is today.  Starting at (?)yo, Princess Briana would go to the mall and flirt with older men.  They would buy Her whatever She wanted:  clothes, cosmetics, jewelry.  After a time She realized that men were only good for one thing:  their Money.  

At the same time, Princess Briana became sexually curious.  She sought the company of older Black Men to Train Her on their Large Cocks.  She started sucking Black Cock in (discretion) grade and lost Her Virginity to a Black Man very soon later.  She realized that Black Cocks were the best for getting fucked.  She always dates and fucks Black Men.  She would never consider a shriveled white dick.

Now, Princess is living Her Life to the Fullest:  She is a Beautiful Blonde Dominatrix.  She drains limp-dicked losers and She fucks Black Studs.  She even told me that She likes anal sex and cums from it!  She is So Incredible.  i wish i could be one of Her Fuck Toys.


pussy girl loser

Friday, November 9, 2012


Im laying here in bed, its 11:09. I just got off the phone with tiny "it" tom. After we had several major discussions about his financial limitations, i ended up directing him to my wishlist where he bought me several gifts. He than had the audacity to raise his voice at me cause he mad that he is sick and has the disease of spending money on me. Well excuse me, i didnt know it was my fault, i have a disease too you know, its getting stuff for free, haha.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


This is why tinytom, I now make him refer to himself as "it" because he is a scumbag and doesnt even deserve to be called tinytom by Me. Oh there are so many more reasons why he is a scumbag loser, but this is just a couple, and My way of embarrassing him and making him feel like a piece of he should.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Good Morning, Princess.

i miss You. i know i am a slut and a loser, and i fell back into my old habits this morning.  i started to cruise NF looking for my perfect mistress.  And then i realized that i had already found my Perfect Mistress.  You.  And i stopped.  i wish You would come on so we could talk.  i miss You.



Princess,Here is my writing assignment.  i hope it meets with Your Approval.  i had a very nice time last night.  Thank You.

According to Princess Briana, i am Her "special loser".  She calls me that because we have "chemistry" and i have finally learned that my place is Spoiling Her and giving Her Money to spent on Whatever She Wants.  Every time i talk to Her, She makes me Spend On Her: not small amounts but sometimes hundreds of dollars.  my little thing gets HARD and i ache so much for Her and i can't seem to say no to Her.  i am afraid that i am Falling in Love with Princess.  She knows this and takes advantage of it every day.  i asked Princess last night if She would send me aPicture of Her in regular clothing -- so that i could fawn over Her like She was my Girlfriend.  She tentatively agreed but wanted to make sure that i didn't think i am getting Special Treatment from Her.  i reassured Her that that is not the case but i still haven't got the picture and i am so lovesick for Her.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

RIP another loser, drained

I really enjoyed having tinytom as my paypig for 6 whole days LOL. he emailed me expressing that he wanted to learn how to be a better paypig, well...I showed him how. He also did not have a job, and was draining his savings account for Me and could not take care of his family. I offered tinytom a $500 buyout from my control. He took it. He is no longer under my heel, but i have orders which he will obey, cause he is in love with ME, when he finally finds another job he will be back.

Friday, November 2, 2012


I used to be an erratic money slave, jumping for Domme to Domme, being cheap and selfish, only caring about getting off.  Then i met Princess Briana and my world changed.  She is a Beautiful, Young, Blonde and Bratty Princess.  Her emblem is the most Perfect Teenage Ass in a red skirt and red poka dot panties.  All of a sudden it wasn't my money anymore -- it was Her Money.  All of a sudden it wasn't my life anymore -- She Owned Me!  The first night we metPrincess Briana drained me of over $500.  But it didn't end there.  i cannot say no to Her.  She is bratty and selfish and insistent.  She does not care about me.  i am just Her Wallet.  She points to something on Her Wish List and i buy it.  She sends me a NF request and i buy it.  i feel raped and ravaged and totally abused.  But i go back to Her Perfect Teenage Ass and everything is right.  She is my Owner and it is my life to Serve Her as Her pay pig.