Wednesday, February 27, 2013


To be quite honest i dont even know this guys name. We started flirting back and forth on NF, he was bought a couple of my pix and a couple gifts. He was drinking a bottle of vodka, already a little tipsy. As the night went on and i ordered him to drink more, he became more open with me. He told me that his girlfriend was sleeping and he was horny. He than found a 10 inch dildo in her drawer that smelled like pussy. He admitted to me that his dick is only 4 inches. I laughed. He claims he was wondering if she really used it. I told him that he had to suck it to find out so he did. I told him that hes a wannabe bitchboy and he had better stick it in his ass to find out if he likes it. He than got defensive and kept asking me if a guy takes it up his ass than does that make him a fag. I told him no LOL.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I have been given 200 gifts on amazon, plus over $1690 in amazon gift cards. for 2012- 2013. Who wants to be the 201st person to gift me?


For those of you who know there has been a girl , and i use that term loosely who is using my pix. An imposter. I have been on this page since 9/14/2010 you can verify that on my page. I was 18 years old, built up my feedback to five stars over the years. She has been on since like what, July of last year or some shit.I have been getting alot of emails asking me what i know of this. The answer is, I don't know her, i am NOT her, but she knows of me. I guess she saw my page and liked it or something, took some sort of infatuation. What can i say i look good.
Love Briana

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Hey guys, sorry i haven't done an entry for a while. It's only cause i have been totally spoiled by My loyal cock ring boy david. For valentines day, he bought me a 64 gigabyte Ipad, the newest one, and some beautiful roses which i love! Not to mention, i will talk more about this later, me and my friend Nikki will be going on a luxurious trip to Orlando, omg i cant wait, i fucking lover Orlando.  I have had David alternating between the 1.5 cock ring and the 1.625. It would of been a month without him cumming, but one night i accidentally did something to make his cum leak out of his cock, but he quickly made that up to Me by spoiling me with more gifts. I had his cock hard for so long that the ring started cutting into his cock, i had to have him take it off for a couple days, poor little david. Sometimes i look in the mirror and just tell myself how fucking awesome i am. I am a real Princess....sigh :)

Friday, February 1, 2013


David is My new follower. He loves to please Me and loves to keep his cock hard for Me at all times of the day. Even when he is at work supervising people and being the boss, i am controlling him by his cock. David has a infatuation with cock rings. Since he was a young  man he realized he could please a woman so much more when he wore a cock ring, and also he loves the feeling of his cock throbbing but not being able to cum. Sometimes he wears his cock ring for a long period of time while i am teasing and seducing him until he wants to stroke and cum so bad but he cant because his small cock ring wont let him, he will leak cum out of his poor little cock, LOL. I send David, small MP3's to listen to at night while he lays in bed next to his stupid fiance, who he does not fuck, LOL. She is so stupid that she does not even realize that i am controlling her fiance by his cock and being showered with gifts and money from him. Oh well. I started off a few days ago with David and ordered him to put on the 1.625 cock ring, he enjoyed that very much, and than i ordered him to put on the 1.5 cock ring which is so tight and small, but very pleasurable, he loves it. This video below is from last night before of David stroking for Me because he was so horny and throbbing with pain. As you can see, his cock is very pink with all that blood rushing to his cock. David was serving another girl, but he quickly came over to My side because i am the best and most awesome girl on niteflirt.