Thursday, May 30, 2013


You so called "men" just keep giving more ammunition for my brilliant posts. As i sit back and collect your hard earned money i can't help but pity your pathetic wives at home. As you prance around in your lacy white panties exposing your 3 inch cock on webcam for the world to see, your dumb wife cooks you dinner and gives you a kiss on your cocksucking cum stained mouth. Yuck. Of course you sissies have no problem with this because you are so obsessed with me, you will do anything to get my attention, whether it be prancing around your fat flat ass on webcam, stroking your 2 inch cock, sitting on a dildo and sucking it or eating cum from your nasty baby carrot sized penis. Yes, this is amusing to me. You are so addicted to me your pinky of a cock gets hard through your pink satin panties that your wear to work. Only a average minded boring suzy female would love you as you are. Only a basic minded plain jane women thinks you are a real man. Me, the superior kind recognizes a slutty bitch inside a mans body when i see one. I have already said this before to you sissy men, there are few real men in this world. Most of you "men" are slutty teenage girls inside a mans body, i know this through my few years on NF and it has become very easy to identify you sissies out in public.
  You "men" gallivanting around the internet in search of some phone whore to pay attention to your bitch ass, EXPOSE the real you. Me, well you all know if you have talked to me i have no problem with doing that. Oh haha, i was just thinking how stupid you men are when you try to tell me that your dick is not even small. Who is the judge of that, you or me? You need to be on the same level as me, and you're not. For one you are a man, and two i make the rules so shut the fuck up. Besides, your cock size does not mean shit to me, your wallet matters the most. Any fool knows how things work. You have money you get the girls, if you have a small cock, you can either: make alot of money to distract a female from your lack of size, or you can be the best pussy eater/ass licker in the world.
Which one are you?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Look how easy it was to get Sissy Dave to suck cock. It was his first time, all it took was a couple times and he dropped to his knees. Wow, he was so easy. Not to mention he did a fantastic job. The reciever came after a few minutes and Sissy dave swallowed it like he had not had a drink in days. Good job.

Started off having a couple drinks
was asked to show me his skills on
the vibrator
                                                       Click image to enlarge

His skills were assessed and he passed the test
click image to enlarge

What a sexy bitch, it did not take long for someone to respond
What do we have here now?
Looks tasty

Saturday, May 18, 2013


You're a slutty teenage girl inside a mans body. You're a full grown male, late 30's and up, jew boy. Married with a family, a high paying job with the title of "manager", "supervisor" an authority figure. These titles are merely nothing but a front to cover up your true nature. A bitch inside a mans body. A female wearing a full costume. A feminine bitch wearing a thong from your wifes panty drawer or some cheap thong you bought from a phone whore on NF. You sneak off to your little cave when your old wrinkled wife is snoring with her mouth open in bed at 10 am. She has no desire to fuck you. You're nothing but a sperm donor and financial gain for her. You run into your dungeon and frantically fumble around to find the zipper to your pants. There you find it, a three inch dick and start stroking it, hoping to make it harder and bigger. When you realize it can't get any bigger you call Me. You want to unleash your dirty cunt teenage girl inside of you. You want your pussy and throat fucked.You grab your secret panties that you have stashed somewhere in your office or trunk of your car where your pea brain old bad bodied wife cant find it and you slip them on. You feel the soft satin brush your hairy man legs and onto your microscopic cock and your marble sized balls. Yes, this is you, not a man but a bitch. My bitch now.

Here is one of you sissyboys in action. I forgot his name cause i just call him bitch. In a hotel fully dressed in drag but not really cause he truly is a bitch. Drunk off whiskey with balls smaller than a mouses balls trying to get the nerve to go out into the hall and make a fool of himself by asking the cleaning lady for some towels.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


I had not been in touch with sissy amber lately because his wife saw their credit card statement and flipped out on him. I was very amused when he told me this, i sort of laughed too, but anyway. Yeah he was caught! After pleading with his old ugly wife for forgiveness, he soon came wandering back to Me. I knew he would, they always do. I told him, you know what i think you deserve a spa day. you should just relax after everything you have been through. I made him set up an appointment at the local spa to get a massage , i made sure that it was man who did it, and also he had to get his pubes and ass waxed clean. Nice and red LMAO. He told Me that the guy who massaged him was really pissed and that he could tell he was disgusted but held his composure for the sake of his customer. I made sure he wore the hot pink thong that i made him buy too. When you get your ass waxed you need to stick your ass in the air doggystyle. I know he was very humiliated, and i'm sure the girls and that poor guy who had to massage him were having a big laugh after he left. He will forever be in their stories years to come. I cant show you a pic of this particular sissy cause he holds a very important job, bossing people around and being a douchbag boss. Yup, thats the type of sissy boys i deal with, they pretend to be a man during the day, but by night they are my bitches.