Monday, July 29, 2013

Hey losers, i know you have been fantasizing about my sex life as usual! Well here is a little update. So, i was at the gas station, and i ran in to pay for my shit and there was this sexy dark skin black looking thug in front of the store. I was wearing a very sexy long fitted maxi dress that showed off my perfect round ass and no thong, so my beautiful ass was bouncing up and down and looking delicious as always. He said "Hey snowbunny" as i walked in, and i just smiled, i was going to make him chase Me of course. So i was getting some money out of the ATM and as i was leaving he asked me what my name was, i told him and we exchanged numbers. All you need to know is that he has alot of money to spoil Me with and he has a Big black cock and big balls, something you small dick losers are lacking and will never have. I am going out with him on Friday and want to get a really cute dress to wear to show him how sexy i am. One of you sissies are probably going to end up buying it for me.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Sometimes you little fucktards get on my damn nerves. You already know I have a short fuse with little broke losers who always want attention. So this little bitch ass moron named Jesse called Me the other night saying he couldn't sleep and wanted to buy me some presents. Just a few days before he texted me, he told me he had to pay some bills first, ok. Anyway, so I picked out a couple presents and after he would buy them, he kept saying that's all? So I picked out some more, pretty much he bought Me my whole wish list LOL. Than when it was time for him to pay me on Friday he asked me to "give him a break". Well I don't think so, the answer is NO. He than went on saying that I take advantage of him and that he is slow, LMAO . Well this a is a first of hearing that lol. Even if he was considered to be Forrest Gump slow I wouldn't care. He came to me in the first place begging for me to take all his money and that if I didn't he would go to another girl. Slow? I don't think so, fucking stupid? Oh yes he is. You small hard penised morons are the funniest. Me and my friends laugh at you and spend your money all at the same damn time.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Guess who i caught modeling these sexy camo outfit? This old sissy boy Cali, what an attention whore!Am i turned on? NO. Am i amused, YES LOL. I am already convinced at 22 years old, that every white male is an undercover sissy. It helps me worship and treasure big black cock so much more. Whenever i see you white buffoons out to dinner with your wife and children, me and my friends look at each other and laugh at you and your unsuspecting wife and little johnny and chrissy. You small dick sluts are a disgrace if you are not paying Me, buying me something off amazon, or telling me how awesome and great i am. Contributing to my life in some way that benefits ME. You know what is so annoying? When you little slut bags disobey Me,  i hate that! You become defiant when you realize how much money you have been spending on my ass and start to get stingy and greedy. Only one person can be greedy in this relationship and you know who that is. So don't come to me with an empty wallet begging to worship Me. Bitch, please.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This little small dicked attention whore wanted to do a show on cam for Me cause he is a humiliation queen. He loves to get any attention even if it is negative and people are laughing at him. He actually paid me $50 to post these pix. SMH, what a loser! I am thoroughly disgusted once again. Yes we are laughing at you hahahahahaha.