Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Erica has expressed to me that I have changed her life for the better. She is now a complete sissyfag, and she loves it. She is addicted to hot girls clothing and loves taking selfies!  Check out Erica below

Sunday, February 23, 2014


If you follow my blog, you all know that I was in the process of transforming my slave bob, into a full blown sissyfag. Since day one that he contacted me, I just knew what he wanted, and it was most certainly not to be a Real Man. I would tease him from time to time about posting  an ad on CL, and he would get nervous and tell me he wasn't gay. I said , "I know that, I didn't say you were. I said you are a sissyfag." Anyway he has been obsessed with me for the past three months or so. I gave him a couple of assignments, sent him to a porn shop that turned out to be a gay porn shop Lol, made him go to Victorias secret and purchase panties. He threw a bitch fit at first than once he was done he apologized and thanked me. I already knew he would do this. I know you sissies inside and out. I have dissected you all like a frog in a science lab, I know you little sissyfags want more than my ass in your face. You want a big cock to slap you in your mouth! I know this! Stop denying it, it is so old and annoying. Anyway, so Bob has been just obsessed with Me, spending loads of money on my ass, goofing around at his job trying to get my attention. His wife caught his "cheating" text messages of him flirting with me. I told him its his fault for leaving his phone at home and being so sloppy with the whole situation. Even though he cried to me about the whole thing I told him he still had to continue giving me money and that he would be sorry if he ever thought about trying to leave me. He threw a bitch fit because I threatened him and than the next day he apologized and sent more money and told me how much he loved me. SMH..i know you sissies! You love to owned, it gives life to your boring pathetic lives. And that is why I will never apologize for being such a BITCH to you "men". Sure, im a mean fucked up bitch for blackmailing him and draining his bank account, but he likes it, it gives him life. Will I have him cheat on his wife with a man sometime, yes..but that doesn't mean he doesn't love her. LOL, hes just a dysfunctional sissyfag like the rest of you NF pervs. Don't judge.

Love Princess