Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Do you see this dirty queer below? Wearing the plastic panties? Well he is a real big fucking pervert. He wears plastic panties, calls me and talks about his secret crush Jacob. He goes to his house all the time for dinner, jacks off under the table all the while smiling like he is a normal person. He is NOT. He is a dirty secret fag who is dying to suck cock and lick Jacobs asshole, honestly he will take anybody, that is how desperate and worthless he is. He also begged to be posted on my blog cause he is starved for attention just like a teenage slut. You "men" sicken me.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


This sissy is a 41 year old upper level manager (of course). During his time alone away from family he finds himself in womens lingerie and thinking of ways to please me. No, he has not yet been brave enough to take it to the next level of sissification. He really does look like a girl...LOL

Friday, May 16, 2014


Me, being the smart seasoned Princess that I am recognized Mr.Sterling as being a possible cuck, but definitely a paypig. When I first read about how this younger hot girl brought down and drained this pig for millions I was quite amused and even more motivated to continue draining pigs. Really, she is not even that pretty but she sure knows how to work this old man for what he is worth. Allegedly he paid for her luxury condo, and a few luxury cars. And, allegedly he was furious with her cause their was millions missing from his bank account (lol, i wonder how that happened) She is a Supreme Mistress who deserves everything she has. What do you pigs think? Did it make your little cocks hard when you herd about this? Did it sound familiar?....LOL

What do you think? Does he fit the category?

Saturday, May 10, 2014


He must be on an assignment for a
This could be you fucktards but...


Brian, the sales furniture man who posed naked in his work place window was only under my control for four days. On the forth day, his jealous insecure prune of a girlfriend went in his phone and discovered his taboo messages to me. Lol, sounds familiar (reference sissy bob) anyway this bitch flipped out on him and told him he could not overtime anymore. He was working overtime cause he is paying his ex wife and ME. Brian, is just one of those sloppy losers who does not delete his messages. This all could of been avoided if he would of used his small brain. He was ordered to pay a buyout fee to be released and to keep me from posting his vile nude pix here. It wasn't small either, he told me had not paid his rent or car payment for the  Well Brian, sure you will be back...LOL


First and foremost, I am a Goddess before anything and above everyone, ok? Now I take my lifestyle and work very serious. I know what I am doing and I can smell out a shallow incompetent moron within a minute of talking to him. As most of you cowering sissys know, I am very blunt and don't have time to waste on some random loser who does not know what he wants or has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to submission to a REAL Mistress. So don't come to me begging me to blackmail you and you have NOTHING to offer! You are a SCARED dissembling coward man with a hard little pecker. You have nothing in your brain and you cant think for yourself. For those of you who this applies to I suggest you let me do all the thinking for you, and you just follow my lead. Maybe you will learn something about yourself. Good bye stupid idiots!