Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hello you small cock sissy boys and piggies. I am up late and i know you guys are dying to see more sissys just like you! i dont really post every single sissy pic i receive, only if i think they are good enough or sometimes shy or scared bitches are afraid of being seen so they ask me if i will refrain from posting pix of them on my blog. Sissy Jeanie is married, a year ago his wife caught him cross dressing and threatened to leave him. He would rather be a sissy girl but he loves his money too much. That is perfectly understandable, i love it too. I wish all of you sissys would dress fashionable and not like an old lady or wear clothes from the 90's that look like they are from the Goodwill. I give Jeanie a 8 out of 10 for fashion. Dont be jealous.

Monday, September 15, 2014


I dont even remember this Sissys name, he is just on my yahoo. Of course i coaxed him into being a slut for Me on cam, its not like it was hard lol. After chatting with him for a bit i found out that he owns an 8 inch black dildo...perfect huh? He was already quite experienced with this dildo it didnt take that long to shove the whole thing up his slutty ass.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Hello losers. As you know, i love submission and cooperation. My sissy right here has
taken the steps to becoming a Real sissy. He knows that he will never find a real
women that will ever want to be with his pathetic ass. So what did this
fag do, he got a sissy tattoo! Now every female that he comes
in sexual contact with, will know what a fucking fag he really
is. I wish i could make all of you losers get
sissy tattoos. Lol.

Monday, September 8, 2014


 Dear Bob,
 The time goes by so fast, in a couple months it will be a year since you first came to Me, begging to be owned. Remember, you got what you wished for , now there is no escaping my Me. You were so pathetic (still are) just like a lost puppy looking for an owner. Someone to bring life back to your dull suburban life. You, naively sent Me all your personal info, your license, your numbers, your wifes name, everything! I now have access to your wifes facebook, and i could ruin your marriage whenever i want to. But you Bob, you are so weak..i dont have to do all that. I say jump and you say how high. Its suppose to be this way Bob, it is what you wanted. I know that everytime i have to blackmail you, you get angry and say you are leaving, you even try to play the pity card..and its funny but you always come back and i know you will. I am never worried nor do i care cause there are many sissys out there who are dying to take your place, to be in REAL control, not just play. 

Love Princess


Thanks to all of you desperate losers out there, i have lavished
with hundreds of gifts. Not to mention the other random places
where you losers bought me stuff. Oh the life of a Princess. It really
does pay to be a beautiful girl. There are so many ugly small dick
losers out here willing to hand over their hard earned money to someone
they dont even have a chance with unless. I know you losers are reading 
this and are so happy for me right now. Your cock is probably hard,
you want to buy me something dont you? Well go ahead and buy
it, i know it will make you feel better