Sunday, July 19, 2015


So let me tell you about the other night with one of my piggies. David called me drunk from the bar fucked up out his mind. Of course naturally i had to take advantage of the situation. This little piggy loves to be humiliated and exploited. Last time i blogged about him i think he was at Starbucks drinking his cum out of a frappachino, disgusting i know.
 I than ordered David to get a shot glass and go into the bathroom and cum inside of it than take the cum shot. He did, than he put it back on the bar and walked out like a disgusting human being. No i wasn't done yet. When David got home safely, he put a ponytail butt plug in his ass and got naked. I than ordered him to stand in his garage and jerk his cock. He did not knowing if anyone was watching him. He than ran across the street naked to get his mail. Then i made him crawl on all fours in his back yard and bark like a dog. I told him he could cum again but only if he turned around and bent over and stroked his cock. Lol, i laughed so hard when he came.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


This is what i recommend to some of my sissies while they are on their journey to being a true sissy. I recommend watching any sissy hypno video once a day, more if you can. Cancel out all thoughts and just focus on the video. Imagine how it would feel, taste it, feel it smell it. I want you to watch this before you call, i dont any rebellious sissies.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I will be sending out a hypno audio soon letting you bitches know who the fuck i am and you WILL but it cause i told you to. I am the God of all men and your existence on this earth is to serve and worship my holy ass, bitch. I want to let you silly sissies know that your not a real man, your a pathetic little shit to me, i know who you are. You know who you are. You are nothing. Nothing but a pig, a sissy a piece of shit. The reason why you so willingly let me exploit you is because deep down, you know you are not worth a shit, your dick is not even that loser. You should be giving me your whole paycheck. Fuck you pig, i own your soul.


I love when My sissies go beyond the call of duty for Me. That could be anything, giving me what i want when they dont have it or dressing up extra special just to please me. I always make recommendations on what will improve their sissy experience. Sometimes you do have to spend a little more to get the look. Anyway, this sissy has asked to remain anonymous cause he is a scared little bitch as most are. Below i have linked a site that has very sexy clothing for cheap, where you will have it delivered..i dont know, just make sure to send me the pix when your all dolled up.