Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I know it is a disgusting site to see, but this is the reality of a lot of these so called 'men". They try to act all manly in public but really they are complete bitches. Insecure little small dick losers. Thats why i am here, to sniff you losers out. You cant food me. I am too good, i will look you in your eye and laugh at you and make you my bitch. Sometimes i like to get dressed really sexy just to go to the grocery store or mall'
and find losers like you cause i know you are lurking everywhere. Ready to spend big money on the first hot girl that smiles at you. But i bet you didn't know she is smiling at you NOT to be nice, but cause she knows you are easy and weak and she can get you to do whatever she wants. I just want all you weak sissy losers to know that you are a pathetic idiot and i will use you however i want and you will continue to come back to me cause i am the best. I will fuck you up!


Mistress Briana