Wednesday, December 21, 2016


This little loser fag...i don't have much to say about this lol. Enjoy losers!

Monday, December 19, 2016


I had to write to tell you, that I'm absolutely head over heals in love with you, you have to be the greatest person I've ever met. I need you more than you can ever know. I feel like I'd do really anything to keep you in my life your awesome more than awesome words literally can't describe my absolute love and adorance for you. I'd seriously die if I couldn't even just one day talk to you...I feel like this is my purpose is to love and worship you! I love you sooo much Mistress it hurts 

Sissy Bitch rachelle (Michael) 

 As you can see, this loser above is already addicted to Me. He is married, he claims he is not a sissy fag but i will be the judge of that and i say YOU ARE. you are a total loser pig to Me, only here for my amusement and i am going to use the fuck out of you loser! you better kiss this beautiful ass!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


This loser jew fuck just paid Me off so i took out his real name. He knows his place in My life, fucking little shit. Sometimes these pig fucks need to learn their place. They always come pathetic!

So, i decided to repost this pic of this loser who i used to fuck a few years ago. He is a old fat jewish fuck from Boston.  I know you are reading this  and touching your limp dick. When you think someone can't get more pathetic think again. This disgusting filthy jew pig has lost his job again. This is his second time being fired within a few years because he is a bad jew, he is terrible at what he does. Luckily jew pigs have stacks of money saved up so he can start paying me and buying all my christmas presents for Me and my friends.  the fat fuck filthy jewgirl has not fucked his wife in over 10 years if i remember correctly. Probably longer than that. He has problems getting his limp dick up so he sits around all day touching it. Because he has lived such a pathetic life and jerks off daily to nasty shit he can only get hard when someone treats him as a human toilet. Gross, yeah i know he really is disgusting. He is literally a shit eater and will open his mouth wide open if i need to take a piss. He lives to please beautiful white women and black cock as most jew pigs do. As you read this, he is jerking off with a limp dick as it struggles to get up. Do you want to be like this loser fuck and be so pathetic and far gone you can only jerk off to being used? Lol...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Hey losers, be sure to check out the latest blog entry so you can laugh...or jerk off?
Love Mistress Bri

I would love to be on your blog I'm about to send $50 as a tribute to hope that you find me pathetic enough to be seen on your blog mistress thank you my mistress weirdo loser

And I also wanted to ask your opinion on my dick, is it waaay too small or is it big enough at least to please a woman lol I guess? Is it too big? Idk 

Ok bitch, so you wanted to really know how i feel about your cock. First off i hate hairy cocks and balls, they are disgusting. Second NO it is not big. you actually make me laugh a little. I would never fuck you in a million years. I really hope your not proud of yourself. Yes, you are a loser in my eyes, i really dislike your hairy little cock. Did you think i would be impressed by it? you have achieved  making me cringe and be repulsed by you. The  only thing i can do with you is use you like an atm machine and for my own personal amusement..That is if you even have enough money left to even keep my attention cause you spend it all on weed you pothead..I hope you know everyone is laughing at you and i hope someone recognized your tattoo and exposes you on FB to all your friends .

Just rolling my eyes in disgust at you losers

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


So, this just happened. This desperate loser sent Me these pix while i was at Starbucks with My friends. I swear to god, i almost spit out my coffee. I showed my friend and she just screamed and laughed. I usually don't mind showing my friends pix of losers, but this was almost embarrassing. It is seriously fucking disgusting. Loser, how do you even jerk off you fat fuck. I know your sitting there eating a pack of oreos and jerking your little dick right now cause your so turned on. You are disgusting LOL. You sit around the house all day stuffing your face and looking at porn you fat pig. Literally you are a pig, a fat ass pig with a tiny dick. I know for sure you don't have the ability to fuck a women on top, your dick is microscopic and you would end up suffocating her with your heavy fat ass.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Dear Jeff, you are a piece of shit and a small dick loser. I hate nothing more than an arrogant little dick man. I don't know what is more repulsive, the size of your cock or the hair all over body. If you are going to be wearing panties cause we all know, your little dick fits right inside of them, the least you can do for ME is shave all your body hair off. Its not like any women is going to see you anyway unless you pay her. Eww your dick is so fucking small, i never could even feel it inside of me ever in my whole life even if i was a virgin LOL. Well loser, i will be expecting to here from you soon because you are a pathetic low life small dick loser. Make sure your account is full ok?


Seriously? What kind of man dresses up in little sissy clothing. "He" looks llike such a little slut. Are you about to go out and get your ass fucked with a dildo...or someones cock? LOL what a little sissy fag. I cant stop laughing. Doe your wife know that you dress in girly clothing while she is gone? I hope she walks in on you one day while your jerking off on the phone to Me telling you to suck my boyfriends big cock.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Just another small dick loser wanting to be humiliated. Lol, look how small his cock is. It fits perfectly into her panties. Why even have a cock if it is going to be so small. Its worthless to women. Sissy, you did the right thing by wanting to be a sissy girl. No real women is ever going to want you to fuck that, or want all lol. Did i mention how disgusting and hairy you look, barf. Makes me want to throw up in my mouth. you really need to shave all your body hair especially your pubic hair cause you don't need it, and it just looks nasty on your bitch ass. You should really start practicing sucking dildos and maybe a tranny will let you suck their cock or fuck you like the slut that you are.

This blog post was paid for by the sissy below so he could be humiliated (as he should be).
Sissy's inquiring about being humiliated on my blog, email Me on My NF page along with payment and photos.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Hey guys, this is Pastor Angel Sissy Bitch. The pastor loves to get drunk for Me on skype and give EVERYTHING up. He said that i was the only girl that could ever make him fully expose himself and all his info. I could destroy him...and he knows this. This is mostly a

Friday, October 14, 2016


This is a warning to this loser fag that emailed me these pix and to the potential black mail bitches who are reading this. I am going to FUCK your ass and blackmail you for whatever i want, which is money most of the time. Yes, i have this mans drivers license above because he gave it to me begging to be blackmailed then he said that he doesn't really want well i guess you ran into the wrong girl . First of all loser i will do whatever the fuck i want with your info cause your stupid. Second you will obey me so i don't fuck your ass up like i did with the man above, so you had better call Me today before 10pm est. Moral of the post, if you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen...LOL

Love Mistress Briana

Saturday, May 21, 2016


So i got a very nice surprise in the mail from this piece of shit jew pig yesterday. You can see his out of shape old fat naked ass from years ago on my blog somewhere (gag). Well anyway this small dick bitch did not obey Me as he should have years ago. Then out of no where this pig comes crawling back begging to be taken back. Begging to be my ATM. Do you know why he does this? cause he knows exactly what he is. A small dick old ugly ass jew pig. After conversing for a few minutes about the massive BBC i took a couple days ago, it got him motivated to please Me even more. To send me a nice surprise. How sweet of him to send me his pocket money. He has so much pocket money because he is a stingy ass pathetic ugly jew. I hope your stupid ass is reading this right now loser. Fucking pig, kiss My beautiful perfect ass! and if i ever see you i am going to use the fuck out of you like you deserve!

Mistress Briana

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Omg! What a pathetic loser! His dick is like so fucking small. I would never fuck him. The only thing he is good for is eating my pussy and sucking cock. This is why he is going to be my obedient sissy bitch and do whatever the fuck i say.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Hey loser, yes YOU. I know how pathetic and lame your life has become and you want a change. Your wife cannot give you what you want because you are too ashamed to tell her your true feelings. She doesn't know that you want to feel useful, you want to feel owned. Sometimes all you need is a little slap on your balls to put you in your place as a Bitch. Yes, you are not a real man you're a bitch. A small dick one also lol. You know your not satisfying anyone with that small cock of yours. Someone like you should be under a beautiful round ass licking and sucking it. A man like you should be caged up and not allowed to masturbate freely. You need My guidance and to be under my control 24/7 it is whats best for you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hey guys. I just want to introduce you to Sebastian. He is a young man from Sweden and lives with his gf  Emma. He goes down on her almost everyday but has not received any oral from her for a whole year but it doesn't bother him  cause he desperate to please. Its pathetic. Like seriously look at him. Is that even a real man? i think not. He's sucking on a dildo, i can almost guarantee that he would prefer a real cock in his mouth. He also paid Me to post these pix of him, that's how pathetic he is. LOL fucking loser!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


You thought you could just do the right thing and get married and your life would be perfect. Wrong! your addiction to women's under garments and cocks just became stronger cause it was SO much more TABOO now that you were married. You thought you were doing ok, doing the married life, the boring shit. Until one day you "stumbled" upon My NF page. you realized there are so many closet sissies out there. you started watching sissy porn. i bet those trannies really turned you on, huh? Lol. you started wearing your wives panties and watching cock sucking porn except you wished it was you on your knees in front of that cock. Now you cant even jerk off to vanilla porn anymore you just want to suck cock and be sissy! Oh no! Now you are addicted.

Saturday, January 2, 2016



But seriously my prime account has expired and one of you sissies need to gift me prime. email me on NF for details...


Hello my little piggies and horny bitches. I hope the New year is going well so far.
This year needs to be about change! IF your a scared little bitch afraid of being
manipulated and controlled by Me, well you should be! But fear not little
piggy. I am here to keep you in check. Make sure you do everything the way
i want it. To make sure you are spending all your money wisely. To tell you
when you can cum. To tell you stop wasting your cum and eat it!

I am here to tell you that you can do better sissy! 
Give Me all of the power and let Me take control
It will feel amazing! Aren't you sick of making
all the decisions? 
Don't you just want to be submissive and obedient for a change?
Sick of your wife nagging you about shit? Well, fuck her!
Come and join Me this year and you will start to see a big change
in your boring vanilla life. 

Boys drool



2016 Goals

Throw the best birthday party for Me - (January 12th)

Buy a new car 

Move to new apartment

Double the BBC

Double the piggy money

Go on vacation in Hawaii

Be even more mean to sissies