Wednesday, December 21, 2016


This little loser fag...i don't have much to say about this lol. Enjoy losers!

Monday, December 19, 2016


I had to write to tell you, that I'm absolutely head over heals in love with you, you have to be the greatest person I've ever met. I need you more than you can ever know. I feel like I'd do really anything to keep you in my life your awesome more than awesome words literally can't describe my absolute love and adorance for you. I'd seriously die if I couldn't even just one day talk to you...I feel like this is my purpose is to love and worship you! I love you sooo much Mistress it hurts 

Sissy Bitch rachelle (Michael) 

 As you can see, this loser above is already addicted to Me. He is married, he claims he is not a sissy fag but i will be the judge of that and i say YOU ARE. you are a total loser pig to Me, only here for my amusement and i am going to use the fuck out of you loser! you better kiss this beautiful ass!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


This loser jew fuck just paid Me off so i took out his real name. He knows his place in My life, fucking little shit. Sometimes these pig fucks need to learn their place. They always come pathetic!

So, i decided to repost this pic of this loser who i used to fuck a few years ago. He is a old fat jewish fuck from Boston.  I know you are reading this  and touching your limp dick. When you think someone can't get more pathetic think again. This disgusting filthy jew pig has lost his job again. This is his second time being fired within a few years because he is a bad jew, he is terrible at what he does. Luckily jew pigs have stacks of money saved up so he can start paying me and buying all my christmas presents for Me and my friends.  the fat fuck filthy jewgirl has not fucked his wife in over 10 years if i remember correctly. Probably longer than that. He has problems getting his limp dick up so he sits around all day touching it. Because he has lived such a pathetic life and jerks off daily to nasty shit he can only get hard when someone treats him as a human toilet. Gross, yeah i know he really is disgusting. He is literally a shit eater and will open his mouth wide open if i need to take a piss. He lives to please beautiful white women and black cock as most jew pigs do. As you read this, he is jerking off with a limp dick as it struggles to get up. Do you want to be like this loser fuck and be so pathetic and far gone you can only jerk off to being used? Lol...