Friday, June 16, 2017


This is my new subbie. He wants to be a good girl for Me. A collar always helps you remember your place. And a good pathetic subbie picture is a reminder of the "bitch" that you have become. I have no respect for a loser like this, so that is why his ass is on here, to be humiliated. As he should be. More updates in the future on this piece of shit loser.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


I just want everyone to know that this loser right here is honestly pretty pathetic. As you can see, he is already a natural weak bitch. Does not get any pussy, not by choice but because as a man, he repels women. Men who are natural born beta losers always have to resort to kissing female ass, being girly , start jerking off to bi porn  cause they jerked off so much already and eventually end up sucking cock cause thats what they were meant to do lol.  I am looking for sissys